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INDIA में DIRECT SELLING करने का सबसे सुनहरा TIME शुरू

Direct Selling a.k.a Network Marketing आने वाले time का business है. आपको शायद सुनने में अजीब लगे but ये हक़ीक़त बहुत जल्दी आप लोगों के सामने आने वाली है। ये बात मैं हवा में नहीं कह रहा हूँ। इस बात

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IndusViva Business Plan Jitesh

Network Marketing: An Effective Business Model For Entrepreneurs!!

Having spent good amount of years in Network Marketing, I want to share my personal experiences and findings this may help someone to understand growth potential, future potential and these data points may help aspiring entrepreneurs to have big success

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You Are What You Believe

You Are What You Believe

When a baby elephant is born, it quickly learns to walk and baby elephants have a tendency to wander off. So one the tricks its owner use it to tie one of its front legs to an iron chain. The

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DigitalMarketing ReMarketing

Boost Your Sale With Re-Marketing

Ads are like cockroaches, it is very difficult to kill them.So how do we make them better and Boost Your Sale. Entrepreneur, Marketing professional, Business Owners, Students or anyone who have plans to advertise or sell online any product or services.

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I am an Entrepreneur,Motivational Speaker,Network Marketing Professional,Technology & Digital Transformation Strategist. Having worked with top business conglomerates for around 18 years. This blog is a place where I would like to contribute to Entrepreneur Community by providing Technical consulting to Start Ups in transforming their ideas into sustainable business by leveraging technology and innovation to make it more efficient, cost effective and thorough.
I would also like to partner with aspiring entrepreneur in building their low risk community commerce business.
This is also a place where I like to mentor & help fresher’s realize their talent & steer them towards suitable career.