Boost Your Sale With Re-Marketing

Ads are like cockroaches, it is very difficult to kill them.So how do we make them better and Boost Your Sale.

Entrepreneur, Marketing professional, Business Owners, Students or anyone who have plans to advertise or sell online any product or services.  After reading this  article you will get enough information which will certainly help you to Analyze and see worth considering Re-Marketing in your Marketing Strategy &  give a Boost To Your Sale.

So, What is Re-Marketing? To understand it better lets understand how marketing overall has evolved in last couple of decades.Lets start with Contextual Advertising for eg. Bill board on highway or on street of High traffic area or High income Group residential area.We don’t know about people passing the bill board but we have context like for e.g high income group so Rolex watch company may put their ad . Similar analogy for TV Commercials : Nike(Sport Shoe) ad in a sports channel is again an eg of Context based advertising

Then came OBA – Online Behavioral Advertising which is “who” based which means who is potential customer may be basis his Demographics like age, gender and may be location rather than “what” based which was publishers (What channel you will run your ad ? Sports channel for Nike, etc).

Then came Intent Advertising for e.g When you search on Google you see some ad’s & your search query ,which is text you typed in Google Search bar  tell about the your intent which could be “Commercial“, “Buyer“, Or “Consumer” Intent

This intent give advertiser the ability to understand the type of thing you as a visitor want. Re-Marketing is very powerful tool & concept and is much more sophisticated then context and behavioral advertising. It is an extension of intent type of targeting. Re-Marketing (sometimes called “retargeting”) is the practice of utilizing a tool to track all of the previous visitors to your website then subsequently “following” those visitors around the Internet with an advertisement. As we are targeting people basis:

  • How they interacted with our website?
  • Which product they viewed?
  • Do they add something to the cart?
  • Do they reach Contact Us page?
  • Do they start filling out our sales form?
  • Do they download our e-book?
  • Do they sign up for our blog?
  • Do they read our blog article?

Based on how User interacted with our brand we are able to make very clear distribution not only on the level of engagement user has but what that user particularly interested in when it comes to our Product or Services.

Base on Survey of Neilson with Google it is found that it take at least 6 visit to your website before a user make a purchase.

Not every visitor will complete an action the first time they visit you.So ,how do you stay in visitor’s mind after they leave?Answer is Re-Marketing. It is a 4 steps process as shown below

DigitalMarketing ReMarketing

Step 1: Visitor comes to your website

Step 2: Visitors leaves your website (98% of the time)

Step 3: Visitor sees your ads as they surf the web.

Step 4: Re-Marketing ads bring your visitors back to your website at the right time

This will make your website visitors  continue to engage and hopefully they will convert. By convert I mean they take the steps that you as an advertiser means a valuable action, typically it mean a sale, lead form or newsletter subscription.

The power of Re-Marketing which help in Boosting Your Sale are the 3 top benefits which it provides:

1) Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates

Successful Re-Marketing campaign are build upon developing an accurate understanding of the website visitors and having the ability to track and collect all the data that is going to give insight.

Psychological understanding of your website visitors and understanding their intent signal will certainly help you in getting a high conversion rate. The people you are targeting have already visited your website previously and you as an advertiser can target the customer based on the reason they left the site without transacting .You know the possible reasons a customer might have left for e.g.:

  • The products were too expensive.
  • Shipping costs were high
  • They found an alternative
  • The time to deliver the product was too long
  • They just decided not to purchase

When the reasons for not buying are clear, you as a marketer can create very specific ads that cater to the reason. If the products are expensive, you can give them a small discount. If shipping is too much, you can give them free shipping. If they want the product faster you could give them a faster delivery service for a higher price.

2) Cost Effective Results

Perhaps equally as important is the cost – or lack thereof. Re-Marketing remains an exceptionally cheap option in comparison to other forms of digital advertising, with average cost per clicks usually hovering well below the Rs 50. Would you spend Rs 5000 to bring 100 previous visitors back to your website for a second attempt at a sale? For most business owners the answer is yes.

3) Highly Targeted 

It is highly targeted and Segments can be created that show different ads to different people depending on data insights.Let’s say you know your target market includes males between the age of 45-55 who live in the Gurgaon. Guess what? We can target that specific demographic like age, gender, location. In other words, your ads will only show to people who fit into this demographic and you won’t waste advertising money on people who are not likely to become customers.

There are other benefits as well that I had to chop from this list in the interest of brevity and I felt these top three were the most important.

Re-Marketing is on the web, on mobile and it is all about reaching the right previous website visitors at a right time in the right place with the right message.

Re-marketing works and it can work for you as well.If you aren’t doing it, your competitors likely are.Boost Your Sale & Win back your business with Re-marketing .

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts , please feel free to share your views

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