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Startup Or Big Company, Which One Should Fresher Take A Job With?

Freshers Job

So you are finally a software engineer and you have a couple of job offers on the table. On one hand is an entry level position at a multinational development firm and on the other is a job offer from

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Industrial Training, Is It Really Worth In Fresher’s Career?

Industrial Training,Freshers Career

As a part of your professional course, you are required to complete an industrial training in your relevant field. Students are seen each year running from pillar to post in order to secure a position with a reputed company but

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Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice ?

Which E-Commerce Platform

A common query doing the rounds on the internet is whether you should go with a custom developed  e-commerce application or subscribe to a site that offers e-commerce as a service. As more and more people turn to the web

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Did You Know Software Developer is an Artist.

Art Of SoftwareDevelopment

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free– Michelangelo This famous quote from the great renaissance painter is the prime directive for all artists, painters, sculptors and software developers. Yes, you read it correct

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Campus hiring to go down …how to increase your chances


Indian IT outsourcing companies till now billed offshore clients in ‘man days’ or ‘man hours’ depending on number of people working on their projects. This led to bigger man force and more candidates on bench as the companies needed a

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Four Skills To Get You A Software Developer Job In IT


Software developer think cramming their brains with technical skills will make them shine in a job interview. But the truth is, you don’t get hired for what you know, but what you can learn. You must demonstrate your ability and

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