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Love Your Job But Not Your Company


I am a great admirer of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and one of his quotes has intrigued me more than any other words. Love your job but do not love your company because you may not know when your company

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Generalists Or Specialists: Who Are More Successful?

Generalists Or Specialists

There are two approaches to being successful as a professional and adding value to an organization. First is becoming a Generalist who can wear multiple hats and perform in different roles at the same time. These people have a mixed

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Is This The Start Of The DotCom Bubble 2.0?

Second Dot Com Bubble

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the World Wide Web caught the fancy of the world and everyone was sure that the Internet represented an entire world of commerce. Enterprises and investors put their hope and their money

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Does Big Data Really Mean Big Jobs?

Big Data Jobs

Everyone these days are talking about Big data. By definition, Big data is the term used for a collection of data sets so large and loose in structure that it becomes difficult to process using conventional database management tools or

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Startup Or Big Company, Which One Should Fresher Take A Job With?

Freshers Job

So you are finally a software engineer and you have a couple of job offers on the table. On one hand is an entry level position at a multinational development firm and on the other is a job offer from

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Choosing your CMS: WordPress vs Drupal


When it comes to developing a CMS based website or web application, WordPress and Drupal are the two biggest players in the market. Although WordPress has gained a lot more popularity over the years (there are over 10 times WordPress

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Industrial Training, Is It Really Worth In Fresher’s Career?

Industrial Training,Freshers Career

As a part of your professional course, you are required to complete an industrial training in your relevant field. Students are seen each year running from pillar to post in order to secure a position with a reputed company but

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Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice ?

Which E-Commerce Platform

A common query doing the rounds on the internet is whether you should go with a custom developed  e-commerce application or subscribe to a site that offers e-commerce as a service. As more and more people turn to the web

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Did You Know Software Developer is an Artist.

Art Of SoftwareDevelopment

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free– Michelangelo This famous quote from the great renaissance painter is the prime directive for all artists, painters, sculptors and software developers. Yes, you read it correct

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SMAC – The Point Of Convergence


S(ocial), M(obile), A(nalytics) & C(loud): SMAC the four most potent and distinct trends of the information technology world are now starting to converge with major implications for the business world. Mobility and social are at the driving front focused at

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