Did You Know Software Developer is an Artist.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free– Michelangelo

This famous quote from the great renaissance painter is the prime directive for all artists, painters, sculptors and software developers. Yes, you read it correct  “software developers”. You may think that the world of canvas and coding are poles apart but actually they are not so different. Like other artists, a software developer starts with an abstract idea and through his skills and ingenuity, brings that idea to life. For a lay man, a computer is just as inanimate an object as a piece of paper or a block of stone and it is only after the coder has created the magical world of intuitive navigation and decision making, that the device opens up a new world for the user and makes him dwell upon the idea of endless possibilities.

Art Of SoftwareDevelopment

People, and especially the mass IT recruitment apparatus, brought down the image of a software developer from a creative genius to a command abiding drone and thus traded innovation for compliance. The developer was no longer a dreamer with ideas nor was he an engineer of the virtual world as he rightfully ought to be, but was reduced to a tiny cog in the gigantic machinery producing reliable and robust code completely unaware of his own utility and potential. But thankfully, times are changing and it’s time to throw in the spanner.

With the advent of the mobile age and the world becoming more and more social (online at least), software developers and software development is also coming of age. Startups and small ventures are mushrooming in India and everyone has an idea to implement. Though most of these are imitations and spin offs of existing systems, it is also clear that each adaptation must have something unique to offer. This leads to further churning of grey matter and sooner or later a breakthrough is inevitable. One can say that the seeds of enlightenment have been planted and we never know when they may start to bear fruits.

In order to reclaim the position in the circle of artists, the software developer must also realize that his focus must be on the end result rather than the tools or path to be taken to reach them. He must learn to envision the holistic picture and begin with the end in mind and remember that you are not just developing a product for consumption but a piece of art that will be used by millions and must add value.

My advice to the budding software developers: use your skills wisely and do not rest till you have the perfect product extracted from the resources you have;

And to the recruiters: Add Innovation and Creativity to your skill set checklist.

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