The only constant in this world is change” and every year corporate world is getting its New Normal which was not the case some years ago….

Professionals who have strong chances to succeed in life are the one who master and practice the 3 skills which i say 3 P’s for success and that shall remain constant:

People ,Persuasion and Prioritization skills.

People Skills : More than business problem , we have people problem. If we can take care of our people problems, most of the business problems automatically vanish.

  • In most of the cases if you observe that we hire people for technical or functional or some other skills which is required for the job and fire them for their behaviour !!
  • Relationships are very important and one should build and create them.A well behaved person,who is not very sharp in life, will go much further than a sharp,disrespectful person.Trust factor in the relationship is the key and don’t forget that we are dealing with human being and not machine.

Persuasion Skills : What does it means? It means the ability to convince,sell and negotiate.

Both the below people have one thing common which is persuasion… Isn’t it?

  • A speech of a politician to get votes;
  • A candidate at a job interview.

Good professionals learn the principles of persuasion,not tactics because tactics are manipulative and the principles are based on foundation of integrity.

Prioritization Skills :Stephen Richards Covey has very well highlighted and explained this as a 3rd habit in his most popular book “The 7 HABITS of Highly Effective People” as “Put first thing first

We need to distinguish between what is urgent and what is important?Whenever we ignore what’s important ,it converts into urgent. For example ,we know that “Health is Wealth” and taking care of our health is important. Exercising everyday is important.Avoiding junk food is important.Are we really serious about these? I think in most of the cases NO . One day our doctor say that you are diagnosed with a lifestyle disease “Diabetes” , Hypertension(High BP) ,etc …then these become suddenly urgent instead of important.

Hence Prioritization is an important and one of a key skill.

Equip yourself with these skills and get your competitive edge..