Network Marketing: An Effective Business Model For Entrepreneurs!!

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Having spent good amount of years in Network Marketing, I want to share my personal experiences and findings this may help someone to understand growth potential, future potential and these data points may help aspiring entrepreneurs to have big success in network marketing business(a.k.a mlm, direct selling). Network Marketing is highly effective, efficient and a risk free business model along with high earnings

Network Marketing (a.k.a Community Commerce )is a business model spread across more than 100 countries including India accounted for US$167 billion in sales globally through more than 6.2 crores of independent business owners.

Understand Why Network Marketing has become entrepreneurship Best Choice today?

As per FICCI-KPMG report, In India by 2025 this industry will have an annual sales Rs 64,500 Crores. Now a days Community Commerce(a.k.a Network Marketing) is based on E-commerce platform, order & payment online & product will be delivered at the customers or distributors house directly by courier.


Community Commerce is a network of individuals(distributors) in which they are compensated not only for the sales they generate, but also for the sales of there teams referrals(individuals who they refer the products). As per recent FICCI-KPMG report, “In India by 2025 this industry will have an annual sales of 64,500 crores and 1.8 crores people will become distributors”. Health & Wellness will have maximum share of 47%.

Network Marketing is a part of the academics syllabus of top universities in the world.In India Universities such as Delhi University,Mahatma Gandhi University,Anna University,Kerala, Karnataka Open University etc included MLM in their syllabus.

A business model that allows experiencing handsome earnings, celebrity life style, higher rewards & recognition, helping others to grow is the best Win-Win model.

In the corporate world, people hire talent, skills and qualifications to grow their business model. But in network marketing, people educate others to groom someone’s talent, skills that benefit both person to get paid for producing a strong business for the network.

Find your own reason and purpose to start off with network marketing. Since there is no inventory risk, no need to employee staff and no huge investment required ? Simply learn through successful leaders get proper mentoring and guidance.

As per my learning and thought, Network marketing industry has now entered into its golden phase, with the world being more connected than ever. With the combination of networking, direct selling and digitalization, network marketing will only create more success stories in the times to come.

At any age, and under any conditions, one can jump into the Network Marketing business and that’s the beauty of it. We just need to understand the way of doing Network Marketing, under the guidance of someone who’s been there.

I would highly recommend you IndusViva Business Plan. It is the only 5-star Direct Selling company operating in India & Nepal today. Some very important aspect which i considered while Starting IndusViva Business. When you choose a MLM company you should be very careful. It can build your fame but at the same time wrong selection may spoil your time, efforts, money & most important your face value. There are 4 P’s which you have to carefully evaluated before choosing the company and these are :

  1. Profile
  2. Products
  3. Plan
  4. Partner(Your Sponsor)

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