Raspberry Pi: What’s the big deal?

Raspberry Pi the credit card sized power packed computer has taken the world by storm. Here’s why it’s definitely something you’ll want to sink your teeth into!


1: Versatile Technology Stack

A number of operating systems have been developed for Raspberry Pi with the most common one being Raspbain(Linux, Debian flavor). This means that a wide range of programming languages like Python, Java, C, Node.Js, PHP and many others can be run on the device. It also allows a Graphical User Interface which makes it potent tool for web browsing and programming.

2: Price

Built for the education industry, the focus is on affordability so the board comes for as cheap as $25 making an excellent choice for personal and enterprise applications.

3: Community

One of the most amazing aspect of Raspberry Pi is the active community. You can get all the information on their official Google +, Twitter and Facebook accounts and also connect with other developers/users through their website, blog, news and forums.

4: All in one unit!

The raspberry Pi 2 board has a built in CPU, RAM and MicroSD sockets for boot media and persistent storage. A number of different GPIO connectors and ports allow all type of external devices to interface with the device making it extremely versatile in application.

5: Power Consumption

The Pi uses a lot less power compared to a computer or laptop but delivers the same power packed performance!

6: Sky is the limit!

Due to low costs and easy setup, new applications of Raspberry Pi are coming up with each day. Developers and enterprises are experimenting more and more with the device and devising new applications and improving on old ones.

7: Constant improvement

The Raspberry Pi is being constantly improved since the launch. In a short span of time, new models and configurations have been released and it looks like more innovation and releases are to follow.

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