Startup Or Big Company, Which One Should Fresher Take A Job With?

So you are finally a software engineer and you have a couple of job offers on the table. On one hand is an entry level position at a multinational development firm and on the other is a job offer from a startup that is just kicking off . You have to make the decision soon and you have no clue what is the right decision for you.

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Here are few questions you need to answer to help you make the right decision.

  1. Do you want more responsibility?

In a startup, you’re part of a smaller team and chances are that you are the only one in the company with a particular skill set and the company relies on you and you alone to get that particular work done. This can help you become more versatile, more reliable, and more productive but also requires you to be more creative and proactive.

  1. Are you looking for more opportunities? 

Most startup jobs don’t offer huge packages like corporate and MNCs do. But what they do offer is opportunity to acquire more skills and work in a more versatile role. People working at corporate find themselves restricted to certain profile and don’t get to branch out into other areas. The well defined structure and role definition offers limited space for multi dimensional growth. On the other hand, a startup allows you to try on a lot of different hats in a lot of different areas.

  1. Do you want a trainer or mentor? 

Entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from. They are typically solution finders and approach problems differently to make the most out of their time and effort. In a startup you get to interact with the highest tier of management giving you insight into the bigger perspective of things. Also, most entrepreneurs are a part of the hiring process themselves and make sure that each person adds value to the team.

  1. Want to work in an awesome atmosphere?

A small and tightly knit group means that you get to work and enjoy together and at the same time. Everyone shares the same drive and excitement so there is a feeling of healthy competition in the team. Because of the smaller size, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done or to give credit where credit is due. At the same time, your failures are also visible clearly. This can also be a good thing as it keeps you on your toes and makes you more competitive.

  1. Do you have it in you? 

More important than any other factor while choosing between a startup and corporate is your own attitude and importance of creativity and personal ownership. Working at a startup and spreading the news of your team’s product, a product that you helped bring into existence, instills the value of that ownership and gives you pride in your work. It is this pride which is the driving force behind.


Work,Play and Live! .

If you need any consulting. Let me know in the comments below , i would be happy to help!  All the best. 

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  • Akansha

    Hi Jitesh sir. I have recently joined Infosys as java programmer and they have given us the option of joining Edgeverve which deals in their Finacle banking product. The package is good but I am concerned that I will be restricted to financial domain. What do you suggest?

  • Jay

    You should go with Infosys as it is great brand

  • Harsh

    @Akansha: I personally would go with Edgeverve as you already have the Infy tag and Edgeverve would offer more growth opportunities

  • AJ

    Sir i am fresher looking for job. I got offer from a small company but my seniors said not to join because i will not be able to get into big MNCs. Is it true?

  • tushar chopra

    @AJ: It depends upon the what kind of role you are getting with a company be it a big brand or a start up.. I am a working IT professional and preferred to join a start-up and now I feel it was one of the best decisions I took in my life.. I got to learn a lot of things.. got to interact with the CXOs of the company.. kind of thought process they have is completely unmatchable.. Plus in a very small time I got to learn so many different things.. with a start up you climb the ladder very fast.. in fact nowadays tech companies be it small or big prefer people from a start-up environment as they are more skilled, multitasking and good problem solvers.

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