You Are What You Believe

You Are What You Believe

When a baby elephant is born, it quickly learns to walk and baby elephants have a tendency to wander off. So one the tricks its owner use it to tie one of its front legs to an iron chain. The baby elephant tries by shaking and rolling to pull its leg away but it can’t. It tries for days, weeks, months and finally give up and by the time it is full grown, it fully believe that it cannot wander off on its own.

You Are What You Believe


Therefore a powerful and mighty full grown elephant will never try to pull its leg away despite it can be easily broken now.

You Are What You Believe

“We are what we Believe. With our Believes we make our world”

Beliefs help you imagine what you want in your life and beliefs energize you to get it. There’s no more powerful directing force than belief. Belief delivers a direct command to your nervous system.

A study was done on group of people. People were hypnotized and this Studies reveal some very eye opening results that when people in a hypnotic trance were touched with a piece of ice and told that it was red hot metal, they developed blisters at the contact point. What mattered here were the belief and not the reality. As reality was that it was a piece of ice and not red hot metal but the direct communication to their nervous system in hypnotic trance was that they were touched with red hot metal and hence they developed blisters. Which just proves that the brain simply does what it’s told.

You subconscious don’t care if a belief helps you or hurts you. It only acts like a computer guiding a missile on the pre-programmed trajectory.

One more Remarkable study concerning a group of patients with bleeding ulcers. They were divided into 2 groups. People in the first group were told they were being given a new drug that would absolutely produce results. People in the 2nd group were told they were being given an experimental drug, but that very little was known about its effects. 70% in the 1st group had shown results. In both cases, patients received a drug with no medicinal properties at all. The only difference was the belief system they adopted.

In both these studies, the most powerfully affected was the result of belief, the consistent messages delivered to the brain and the nervous system. Belief is nothing but a state that governs an internal behavior. It can be an empowering Or, it can be a disempowering belief . Both kinds of beliefs have a great power.

If you believe in failure you will be a failure. If you believe in success , then succeed you will.

Watch what you’re thinking about yourself and Make sure the thoughts that keep repeating themselves in your mind are encouraging, because you can very quickly turn into the person you’re telling yourself you are.

“Your life is a reflection of the way you Believe. . . .

What you believe is what you become, and one person can make a difference, and that person is ……”

Jitesh Pant

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